Adam is a documentary wedding photographer based in South Manchester, shooting weddings across the UK and further afield.  When not shooting weddings Adam can be found capturing real moments on the streets of Europe, street photography with his trusty Leica M6 a real passion.

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The Leica Q

I shoot weddings in a very unobtrusive way, getting as close to the action as possible without the bride, groom and guests realising I’m around. I want them to enjoy their day whilst I capture it. I’ve been using the Leica Q as my main body now for over a year. The Q is small, virtually silent and allows me a level of intimacy not possible with a larger camera. 

The 28mm focal length is the perfect storytelling perspective. It allows me to get right into the story, viewers see the images from the same perspective as if they were there. The full frame sensor produces absolutely outstanding images. The colour and tone are perfect, and as I shoot without flash, give me exactly what I’m looking for - even at high ISO’s. I was blown away (and still am), by the fast and accurate auto focus. I have shot fast moving guests on the dance floor, wide open at 12,500 ISO - the Q never misses

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