The Leica X-E is one of Leica’s newest additions to their compact range, and we have to admit that with the X (114) and the recent release of the stunning and popular Q camera, the X-E has undoubtedly been slightly brushed over. Personally, we think this camera truly is the essence of Leica, and is perfect for anyone who is new to Leica, or who is ready to experience the new age of Leica all over again.
 The predecessor to the X-E - the X2 - had an à la carte option which cost £1900 at the time. The X-E now £1095 here on our website is essentially a brand new à la carte camera for almost half price. That is a lot of camera for the money! The X-E comes with the legendary 23mm lens (35mm full frame equivalent) which has time and time again proven to us that leica are the masters of optics.
Ben took these pictures with the X-E in New York. The first image was taken on top of the empire state building and the detail and colours are absolutely stunning.
It’s almost like the lens is too good for the already amazing sensor - this is down to the resolving power of the lens and the amount of contrast the lens provides. It delivers the most stunning photographs. Here are also a selection of Ben's other images from this amazing city. 
Richard, who works  is a mountain biking enthusiast often riding in very rough conditions and sometimes using a camera can be fiddly with cold hands wearing thick gloves.
Richard uses the Leica X-E exclusively when he is out riding. It is quick, simple and incredibly powerful in terms of image quality. Its simple button layout and big, straightforward dials on the new titanium top plate makes it easy to change any settings quickly.
The Leica X-E is the perfect camera for anyone who is wanting to experience Leica for the first time and change the way they photograph the world around them. It is also great for someone wanting a easy and simple powerhouse of a camera that captures every detail and colour accurately. It is tough and durable, with à la carte style, and all for £1095 with a free Leica à la carte half-case at