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  • Leica M10 Camera

    • Available in Black Chrome or Silver Chrome to Pre Order 

    Many photographers who appreciate the dimensions of analog M-Cameras due to their ideal ergonomics and perfect form factor expressed their wishes to find precisely this in a digital M- Camera. Leica has taken note of these wishes and has now delivered these dream dimensions in the Leica M10. Its measurements are now identical to those of analog M-Cameras. With a top plate 4 mm thinner than its predecessor, the Leica M (Typ 240), and a body depth of only 33.75 mm, the Leica M10 is the slimmest digital M of all time.

    ISO SETTING DIAL on the top plate

    One of the most striking changes to the body of the Leica M10 is the ISO setting dial on the top plate. For the first time in a digital M, the M10 allows all essential shooting parameters such as focusing, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO value to be selected without using the menu – or even turning on the camera. This newly expanded functionality allows for even better control and even more discreet photography. Thanks to the new design of the sensor of the Leica M10, the ISO sensitivity range has been expanded. It now enables exposures at values between ISO 100 and 50000 with considerably improved noise characteristics at higher ISO settings. The Leica M10 opens up entirely new areas of photography and delivers exceptional imaging performance even in dif cult lighting conditions.

    LEANER OPERATING CONCEPT–with customizable favorite settings

    Leica M-Cameras have always had an intense focus on the functions essential to photography, a principle the Leica M10 takes to an entirely new level. With an operating concept reduced to the absolute minimum, it takes a further step towards perfection. Every single component and every technical solution in the Leica M10 concentrates uncompromisingly on photography. For instance, there are only three buttons on the back of the camera: Play, Live View and Menu. The menu control can be programmed with personal “Favorites” settings. This enables photographers to quickly access their personally prioritized settings at any time by pressing the Menu button.

    CLEARER VISION through an improved view finder

    From the very beginning, the “Messsucher” (German for combined range nder/view nder) of the Leica M played an absolutely essential role in shaping the camera system. So essential that it gave the system its name – “M” stands for “Messsucher”. For the Leica M10, several important aspects of this legendary system have now been further advanced. To improve the view of the subject, the field of view through the rangefinder/viewfinder has been enlarged by 30 %, and the magnification factor has been increased to 0.73 ×. Eye-relief – the optimum distance of the eye from the viewfinder eyepiece – has also been considerably increased. Thanks to a 50 % increase in this distance, the viewfinder is much more comfortable to use, particularly for photographers who wear glasses.

    ULTIMATE IMAGING QUALITY thanks to a new 24 MP sensor

    The key component of the Leica M10 is the new 24 MP, full-frame CMOS sensor developed especially for this camera. It features new technologies that lead to significant improvements in all parameters of imaging performance: impressive dynamic range, excellent contrast rendition, exceptional sharpness, and the nest resolution of details. Its unique pixel and microlens architecture allows the use of lenses with particularly large apertures, since even rays of light arriving at the sensor from sharp angles are precisely captured by its photodiodes. The glass cover plate of the sensor acts as an IR cut off filter and thus also avoids undesirable refractions of incoming light in additional layers of glass. The omission of a low-pass filter ensures that the Leica M10 always delivers maximum sharpness. This leads to significantly better imaging results with M-Lenses compared to other full-frame sensors, especially in the case of wide-angle and wide-aperture lenses.

    A NEW DIMENSION OF QUALITY the new Maestro II processor

    The latest-generation Leica Maestro II image processor of the Leica M10 reflects state-of-the-art advanced processing technology. In combination with the equally new 24 MP sensor, the Leica M10 guarantees results that fulfill the stringent criteria photographers have come to expect from Leica: captivating pictures with exceptional quality and brilliance. The Leica M10 delivers pictures with true-to-life detail and low noise at extremely high ISO settings up to 50000. Thanks to a 2 GB buffer memory and sequential shooting at up to ve frames per second at full resolution, photographers will never again miss the decisive moment. The Maestro II processor processes all image data arriving from the sensor with exceptional speed and writes them simultaneously as individual image files in two formats: a high-quality JPEG and a RAW le in DNG format. In addition to this, the advanced loupe function enabled by the processor can now be freely positioned on any part of the view nder image for even better assessment of sharpness, e. g. when shooting with Leica R-Lenses. For optimum utilization of the full potential of these legacy lenses, nearly all Leica R-Lenses can be used on the M10 with the Leica R-Adapter M and the Leica Viso ex 2.4 megapixel electronic viewfinder.

    SPECIALLY SEALED for a long working life

    With body components machined from solid brass, a full-metal, magnesium alloy chassis, and scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass, the construction of the Leica M10 effortlessly resists the adversities of everyday life to guarantee photographers many years of pleasure with their M-Camera. In addition, special rubber seals provide protection against light rain, dust and inclement weather.

    CONNECTIVITY with the M- App and WLAN connectivity

    The Leica M10 is the first M-Camera with an integrated WLAN module. This conveniently allows pictures to be sent wirelessly to iOS devices and shared right away on social networks. It also enables remote control of the Leica M10 via WLAN with a smartphone or tablet via the Leica M-App. Photographers can, if they wish, release the shutter and set numerous menu items directly from a smartphone. This makes it easy to shoot from unusual angles and avoid camera shake when using longer shutter speeds.