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Leica M


Leica M

The Leica M is an extraordinary camera. And it is most often found in the hands of extraordinary people.

People who see the big picture, who look twice, question triviality and recognise the unusual in everyday things. They think outside the box, look beyond the everyday and expand their own horizons. This all requires a particularly special tool – the Leica M.

M – as in ‘Messsuchersystem’

‘Messsucher’, the German term for a combined rangefinder and viewfinder, found in every Leica M, presents a bigger picture - a broader view of your subject - and opens up a whole new world of creative freedom. The rangefinder system enables the capture of authentic, natural images, taken from heart of real life itself. Photographers become part of the action and frame, whatever they wish to capture in the viewfinder – a scene, a mood, a moment.