Leica M10-P, black chrome finish
M10-P, black chrome finish
Go unnoticed in the street.
Leica M10-P, silver chrome finish
M10-P, silver chrome finish
Go unnoticed in the street.
Leica M10 Black Chrome
M10 Black Chrome
The Camera
Leica M10 Silver Chrome
M10 Silver Chrome
The Camera
Leica Lithium-ion battery BP-SCL5
Lithium-ion battery BP-SCL5
Replacement battery M10
Leica Thumb Support
Thumb Support
Reduce the risk of camera shake
Leica Protector leather M10
Protector leather M10
Ideal protection in finest leather

The extremely versatile protector
Leica Leather Holster
Leather Holster
Ideally protected – and in your hand in a flash.
Leica Thread adapter
Thread adapter
Practical and versatile
Leica Display protection foil
Display protection foil
Effective protection against scratches and marks
Leica Battery charger BC-SCL5
Battery charger BC-SCL5
Absolutely essential accessories
Artisan & Artist LMB M10
Leather Case for Leica M10
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Leica M10

Its unique balance of heritage and technical innovation embodies the essence of everything that is truly important for photography.
Compact dimensions, improved performance and the new ISO setting dial on the top plate offer M-Photographers what they wish for from an M-Camera.

Since the release of the Leica M3 at Photokina in 1954, every single M-System camera has represented the pinnacle of innovation for its day. Defined by what is essential for photography. Leica embodies this passion for quality, craftsmanship and its philosophy of photography until today.
More than 60 years of rangefinder expertise, 11 years of digital M-Camera development and invaluable feedback from dedicated M-Photographers have inspired Leica engineers to create the slimmest digital M of all time: the Leica M10.

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