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"Because of Judo" by Richard Goulding - Signed Copy

  • "Because of Judo" by Richard Goulding - Signed Copy

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"Because of Judo" by Richard Goulding - Signed Copy

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  • Because of Judo by Richard Goulding is (an art monograph limited edition book, and) a study of a life in Judo. It is the culmination of a six year photographic project and is a tribute to the late Akinori Hosaka.

    Before he died Hosaka said,  “I am not a wealthy man, but because of Judo in my heart I am a millionaire”.

    This quote led the photographer to look deep into judo subculture. Finding a beauty in a sport that has origins in a brutal battlefield fighting system.  The visual story unfolds as the British Judo squad prepared for the London 2012 Olympics. The project is underpinned by portraits of the players taken after they have stepped off the mat between randori/fight practice sessions.

    The publishing of the book has been partly funded by a crowdfunding campaign which saw support from backers all over the world who could see the value in their shared experience in the art of Judo.

    The use of Leica cameras for the book was integral to the vision of the photographer who wanted a more considered approach to the subject.  He often limited himself to one camera and one standard 50mm lens.

    Leica Store Manchester were pleased to support the book and also invited Goulding to exhibit the work at the launch event of The Leica Store Manchester, May 2015.

    The book contains text by former world Judo champion and Olympic silver medalist Neil Adams MBE, the introduction is written by Mark Law author of the award winning book The Pygama Game - A Journey into Judo.

    Richard Goulding is a commercial photographer based in Manchester, UK, his personal work focuses on the world of combat sports.