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In photography, in-depth knowledge is just as important as the use of the finest optical elements. Whether you own an M-Camera, spotting scope or binoculars, keeping your equipment in optimal mechanical condition means that it will last for years. 

Leica Analogue Camera Servicing
  • Full Clean, lubrication and mechanical adjustment 
  • Shutter Speed check and adjustment
  • Rangefinder Calibration
  • Available for all film Leica M, screw and mechanical Leica R cameras
  • Additional works will be noted and confirmed if necessary
Rangefinder Adjustment
  • Rangefinder calibration for Leica analogue cameras
  • Excludes Digital M camera's 
Replace Light seals
  • Replace light seals on Leica analogue M and R cameras

Sensor cleaning for Leica Digital Camera's
  • Completed in-store with a 2-hour turnaround (not available on compact cameras as these need to be disassembled)